About Pek & Wanley

Pek and Wanley are Hartlepool lads born and bred (which goes a long way to explaining why we’re a bit weird!).

We met on the thriving local music scene in the early 2000s. Having been in numerous original bands individually, our paths first crossed when local pop punk band Forty-three, a band Wanley already played guitar with, were looking to add a horn section. Pek, fresh back in town having been away studying the saxophone, was all to eager to get on board. Subsequently, in the flickering flames of down town Hartlepool, bonding over high energy riffs and punchy brass licks, a friendship of epic proportions was forged.

Fast forward almost 20 years, a couple of careers and a few grey hairs we found ourselves canny bored, musically unengaged, with thumbs hanging in tatters from playing (too much?…. Nah!) FIFA. Wanley was keen to re-engage with his guitar and Pek had just been gifted a Cajon from his dad to have a play around on. We decided to start jamming some covers of songs we like, you know, just for the craic. Wanley had already been working on some unlikely tunes and instantly something seemed to click. Once we pulled a couple together we headed down to the Fishermans Arms in hartlepool for their famous Thursday evening open mic night. In true Fish style we received a very warm welcome and a humbling amount of encouragement, people seemed to really dig what we brought to the party!

We never dreamed in a million years that we would find ourselves in a position to make a living from sharing our love of music and making people smile, but here we are 5 years, 100’s of gigs and thousands of smiles later and we feel blessed to have never looked back.

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